POSITION Digital Film Mastering Specialist
WORK LOCATION National Capital Region
DATE POSTED April 02, 2024


The Big Dipper Digital Content and Design, Inc. is a subsidiary of ABS-CBN Corporation, in-charge of operating and maintaining the company's Media Asset Management system which includes:

- Converting Analog Video Materials to Digital Format
- Video Quality Checking of Ingested Video
- Cataloging of Ingested Materials
- Providing Transcription/Translation/ Synopsis Writing
- Processing of Multi-Format Dubbing


    The Digital Film Mastering Specialist is in charge to meet and deliver the client’s requirements based on their repurposing standards. Responsible to adhere with the Service Level Agreement (SLA) set between Big Dipper and the Clientele.
    • Sources Live and Archived programs and monitors all content/assets and ensures that both audio and video quality meet the set regional and international broadcast standards and running time for Linear and Digital platforms. 
    • Previews & edits programs and ensures that they are compliant to regional and international broadcast policies and guidelines (details on attached Annex: dependent on the SLAs and process flows to be provided by Clientele)
    • Sanitizes all forms and types of program brand intrusions such as brandbugs, OBB/CBB sponsors, endorsement, etc. as specified by the Clientele’s Vendor Manager for deletion
    • Produces repurposed content/asset requirements (i.e. linear, non-linear, digital etc. for the identified platforms
    • Coordinates with Big Dipper-Digital Archives Management and Technical Services Group to ensure completeness and accurate & on-time check-in/archiving of digital materials
    • Keeps an orderly and updated file of all work-related documents such as programs or movie titles, Memos and Turn-over receipts (Library), and RMS (Resource Management System), Sanitation reports and Total Run – dependent on the SLAs and process flows to be provided by the Clientele ) as well as Daily Logs and Output reports.
    • Ingests/digitizes video and audio materials and labels standard clip name
    • Applies and modifies appropriate effects & other softwares’ capabilities and menus to video and audio clips and sequences
    • Employs standard audio/video settings (color standard, frame rate, dissolve settings, etc.)
    • Does the adjustments and applies appropriate sanitation across all types of Genre and content. 
    • Operates any editing application that is provided by the company, with training.  
    • Performs any other duties and responsibilities assigned from time to time
    • Assess and implement basic QC standards for delivery and archiving requirements.
    • Operates Clipster and knowledgeable in the Film Production Process.
    • Assembles and edits DPX, Lay-in mono, stereo, and surround audio and able to deliver in DCP, Prores and the like, and archive to LTO and MAMS.
    • Handles DCP creation for Interop and SMPTE and handling of server and projector certificates.
    • Capable of handling different film formats, workflows, resolution, and audio settings.
    • Implements KDM and Digital Forensic Watermarking and Fingerprinting.
    • Responsible for the layout, positioning and manipulation of subtitles and XML for DCP Creation and Prores creation.


    • Graduate of Multi-Media Arts, ECE, COE, IE, CompSci or any IT related course preferred
    • With extensive knowledge in computer operations and broadcast equipment handling
    • Can handle projects and knowledgeable in digital media delivery operations
    • Can prepare clear, concise and informative reports, correspondence and other written materials
    • Can handle difficult and sensitive situations using sound, independent judgment
    • Communicates effectively with management, co-workers, supervisors, staff and clients
    • Should have specialized knowledge in editing application (e.g. AVID, FCP and DaletOneCut)
    • Knowledgeable in handling audio-visual materials and different forms of media
    • Can analyze Asset Management Systems and Workflows
    • Flexible and can work with minimum supervision
    • Good oral and written communication skills
    • Strong interpersonal skills
    • Can work under pressure
    • Keen with details
    • At least 1-2 years related working experience preferred
    • Internal Customer Service Course
    • Audio Video Measurement Standard
    • Supervisory Course
    • Interaction Management
    • Project Management
    • Engineering the Performance System
    • Coaching and Mentoring

Preference will be given to candidates who APPLY ONLINE.