POSITION Asset and Media Placement Specialist
WORK LOCATION National Capital Region
DATE POSTED February 21, 2020


ABS-CBN Global utilizes the latest technology and available resources to provide Filipinos the most innovative products and services in content development and distribution, telecommunications, retail, money remittance, cargo forwarding, and social networking. 

ABS-CBN Global goes beyond content development and distribution as part of its mission to serve, empower, connect, and instill national pride among Filipinos worldwide. ABS-CBN Global provides products and services that enable Filipinos overseas to connect and nurture relationships with the Philippines and Filipinos worldwide.


    The Asset and Media Placement Specialist will focus on the non-paid commercial placement, IN-HOUSE materials, as well as the media strategy for ASIA PACIFIC, AUSTRALIA, and LIFESTYLE NETWORK & IPTV-TFC.TV (APAC).
    He/She must be able to identify the best way to deliver the message to the client’s target audience via the best available airtime resource.
    To ensure that the content / materials is compliant with regional regulations and policies, this position requires close coordination / communication with ABS-CBN departments and subsidiaries.
    Duties and Responsibilities (Media Planning)

    • Synchronize with the different groups (Content, Marketing, and Ad Sales) that are involved in placement of plugs and promo to discuss strategic directives
    • Manage the over-all airtime inventory for APAC, AU, and IPTV
    • Ensuring that all materials (in-house Plugs, Promos, Interstitials, Program Advisories, Marketing materials, and others) available are placed strategically.
    • Coordinates with TOC for the special instructions (e.g. in-house plugs and interstitials for insertion, cancellation of placements, changes in material version, etc.)
    • Placement of blocking materials (plugs and promo) for Canada, in Sapphire server
    • Provide report and discuss with Media Manager any discrepancies on the airing of spots
    • Print daily operations log for TOC’s implementation and monitoring
    • Make a weekly advance placement (for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday placement)
    • Prepare in-house, service/campaign related reports, or any other requested reports)
    • Asset and Media Placement Assistant is required to review the weekly channel GRID and Program timeslot
    • Meet with clients to understand their strategy and building up a picture about their target audience
    • Maintain and monitor contacts with media owners, ensuring that statistics data and viewing figures are up to date
    • Determining the most effective media combination fit for client’s request
    • Balance the amount of placements from the different groups (i.e. content, marketing, affiliates)so as the subscriber’s viewing experience are not affected
    • Monitoring placement output
    • Implement lower screen graphics (LSG)
    • Implementation of materials: Follow Broadcast Orders and media strategies given by the Program Content Designer
    • Coordinate with Order Management and Fulfillment Group (SSC) for other instructions concerning paid ads
    • Ensure that all materials (in-house Plugs, Promos, Interstitials, Program Advisories, Marketing Materials, and others) available are placed strategically
    • Highlight the marketing materials under every break spot of the programs to be able to easily recognize blocking by the Technical Specialists
    • CUE-TONES Placement Japan Blocking


    • Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication or similar
    • 1 year work related experience is an advantage
    • Must be willing to work in a project-based/reliever engagement
    • Must me amenable to work ASAP

Preference will be given to candidates who APPLY ONLINE.