SUBSIDIARY Creative Programs, Inc.
POSITION Channel Operations Specialist
WORK LOCATION National Capital Region
DATE POSTED July 11, 2018


With its range of content spanning from various passions and interests catering to a vast number of viewers, the Creative Programs, Inc. (CPI) team has continued to be the leading content creator for the affluent Filipino viewers.  The subsidiary has two main functions namely, it (1) manages, operates and delivers channels as well as it (2) promotes the CPI channels to cable operators exploring the new leverages on new revenue opportunities through their channel distribution section.

CPI continues to cater to a particular target audience producing programs such as Hero and Balls to Lifestyle Network, Myx, Jeepney and their still number one cable channel in the country, Cinema One.  These programs are carefully managed, combining foreign acquired programs and local productions.  Aside from delivering the most-awaited programs, shows, and teleseryes, CPI has also continued to excel in mounting events which the advertisers and viewers have highly anticipated.  Such programs would include Lifestyle Network's Summer Soul, Myx Mo by Myx, Cinema One Originals and Hero's Face Off.


    Position Summary

    Ingest Operator:
    The principal purpose of the position is to ingest to the server broadcast quality materials that are scheduled for on-air using the automation system. The position ensures also that all materials will have a uniform broadcast quality level that will conform to the company standards. The following information must be noted: running time, number of gaps and discrepancies if any, prior to ingest to the system. He/She is responsible for the accurate entry of these data to the central database using the automation workstations.

    The position also acts as VTR playback operator during automation breakdowns.

    On-Air Scheduler:
    The principal purpose of the position is to organize and provide the material line-up to be played on-air for a particular channel. The position ensures that the playlist line-up provided from the ITS (Integrated Traffic System) text file is aired properly using the On-Air Automation. All revisions, additionals and modifications on the channel's playlist after downloading from the ITS are coursed through and acted by the position.

    The position also handles provision of commercial materials during automation breakdowns.

    Playout Operator:
    The principal purpose of the position is to switch on-air program, commercial and promo materials as provided in the Daily Operations Log (DOL) using an automated or manual system. The position closely monitors the quality of these on-air materials and reports immediately any discrepancies encountered. The position is responsible for the entry time and exit time of programs being aired by closely coordinating with people concerned the status of running time of the material.

    The position provides immediate contingency workaround during automation breakdowns by switching seamlessly between automation and manual operations. 


    • Must be a college graduate, preferrably with degree on BS Electronics and Communications Engineering, BS Computer Engineering and Information Technology.
    • At least 1 year experience in a related broadcast facility
    • Able to work well with people of all levels
    • Very good coordination skills and is a good team player
    • Strong sense of urgency and problem management skills
    • Working knowledge of computer software, MS Office, etc.
    • Good knowledge of business operations especially in broadcast technical operations
    • Able to operate test the equipment needed for the job
    • Flexible to work in shifts and or long hourse, if necessary for the operations
    • Good client orientation skills

Preference will be given to candidates who APPLY ONLINE.