POSITION Content Production Lead (for TFC)
WORK LOCATION National Capital Region
DATE POSTED May 29, 2019


ABS-CBN Global utilizes the latest technology and available resources to provide Filipinos the most innovative products and services in content development and distribution, telecommunications, retail, money remittance, cargo forwarding, and social networking. 

ABS-CBN Global goes beyond content development and distribution as part of its mission to serve, empower, connect, and instill national pride among Filipinos worldwide. ABS-CBN Global provides products and services that enable Filipinos overseas to connect and nurture relationships with the Philippines and Filipinos worldwide.


    Position Summary:
    Manages the conceptualization, creation and production of Content mainly for the TFC digital platforms.  Supervise the creative process of producing Content Short-form and Long-form and Digital shorts that will address Market needs. As a team leader, he/she is expected to mobilize and harness his/her team’s creative energies to significantly contribute to the company’s objectives. Likewise, the Content Production Lead is responsible for the marketability and proper utilization of the team’s monetary and human resources.

    • Oversees operational technical aspects of the production of the entire team, from weekly pre-production to delivery of final output, preview of the Department Head and Channel Unit Heads and endorsement for airing.
    • Distributes weekly/individual workload and deliverables of the team.
    • In-charge of conceptualizing new content for the core market
    • Monitors updates and research on the core market and cascades to the whole team
    • Handles and monitors team’s annual budget. Makes sure that expenses and process are in compliance to objectives and policies set by Finance and Heads. Submits financial reports, and prepares requests for payment.
    • Requests for weekly revolving funds.
    • Coordinates with internal and external clients and suppliers for the team’s requirements.
    • Screens and recommends applicants and on-cam talents to the Department Head.
    • Represents the team during operational meetings
    • Approves administrative forms and technical requests for Content Production
    • Administratively supervises the Interstitial Writers/Producers & PA/Researchers/Coordinators on their deliverables, work schedule and minor-employee related concerns.
    • Identifies key people in the team and recommends individual promotions or commendations to the CPDG Head.
    • Assumes other duties and responsibilities that may be assigned from time to time by the CPDG Head and Department Head
    • Spearheads team brainstorming and presentation of concepts and weekly line-up to the CPDG Head, clients and Department Head.
    • Previews and pre-approves concepts and produced material prior to presentation to the CPDG Head, clients and Department Head.
    • Copy checks scripts prepared by the Interstitial Producers/Writers.
    • Mentors immediate reports for improvement and performance.
    • Executes requests from other departments and Regional Offices as forwarded by the CPDG Head.
    • Suggests and contributes concepts aligned to the directions set by the CPDG Head, clients and Department Head.
    • Oversees over-all look and visual treatment of Interstitial categories including OBBs, art cards, broadcast design, theme music and set design.
    • Spearheads brainstorming sessions for categories that will help reinforce the image and branding of the channel or platform where the market is
    Problem Solving and Decision Making
    • Able to adhere to corporate values of integrity, leadership, excellence and people-skills
    • Able to implement and adhere to set strategies and standards of quality
    • Able to organize, motivate and lead a production team.
    • Able to prepare feasibility study for special projects/campaigns
    • Able to do creative and budget presentations of plans and projects
    • Able to maximize company resources to assure cost and operational efficiency
    • Able to recommend system and policies for career pathing and succession planning of employees
    • Able to negotiate with internal and external clients
    • Able to analyze and take timely action to resolve issues of team members
    • Able to interpret and analyze data/information and able to identify alternative course of action when faced with work problems
    • Able to make reasonable, realistic and timely decisions to achieve smooth production operations
    • Able to work efficiently even under extreme pressure
    • Able to lead effective meetings
    • Able to handle 2 or more projects/channels at the same time
    • Able to conduct interviews with potential employees


    • Must have at least three years of extensive work experience on Content Production
    • Must have leadership skills
    • Must have excellent communication skills
    • Must have technical know-how in TV Production/ digital content production
    • Must be computer literate
    • Must be willing to work extra hours and be on-call 24/7
    • Must have a well-rounded personality and good PR skills
    • Must be trustworthy and of good moral character
    • Must be flexible when given 2 or more assignments simultaneously          

Preference will be given to candidates who APPLY ONLINE.