POSITION Desk Editor
WORK LOCATION National Capital Region
DATE POSTED November 05, 2021


ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC) was originally established in 1996 as SNN, the Sarimanok News Network. SNN was the brainchild of the late Eugenio "Geny" Lopez Jr. who envisioned a TV station that would become the Filipinos' primary source of news and information. Geny believed that with SNN, he was bridging geographical gaps separating Filipinos or in his own words "building bridges on the air."

SNN began airing on SKY Cable Channel 21 on May 1, 1996. Back then the channel served viewers the top stories of the day via two major newscasts - Dateline Philippines and Primetime News while short news advisories aired throughout the day.

To enhance its resources and strengthen its position as THE news channel for Filipinos, SNN in 1998 joined forces with SKY Cable News, another Lopez-owned channel that specialized in business news reporting. The merger of the two stations paved the way for the formation of the Philippines' first, 24/7 news and current affairs channel offering the latest in domestic and international news, business information, sports and weather updates and lifestyle features. In 1999 the station changed its name to ANC, the ABS-CBN News Channel.

Today ANC has firmly established its identity as an accurate and unbiased source of information and the go-to station for breaking news, wall-to-wall live news coverage and analysis with context.


    On Desk Operations
    1. Exercises editorial judgment in identifying and monitoring news stories, personalities and developments.
      1. Seeks, screens and verifies information from news agencies, newsgathering teams and sources;
      2. Analyzes information and evaluates for truth, meaning, significance and priority;
      3. Predicts news flow.
    2. Discusses story assignments and objectives with respective newsgathering teams and provides the necessary information and editorial guidance to ensure their work meets the news organizations' standards, practices and direction.
    3. Safeguards the integrity and credibility of the newsgathering process by providing guidance to news teams, and when appropriate, consulting or coursing ethical and legal issues and complaints immediately to authorities concerned.

    On Leadership
    1. Assembles and deploys the most appropriate resources to get the best possible elements for each story to air on-time, if not ahead of the competition.
    2. Supervises, coaches and provides logistical support to newsgathering teams to ensure each teams' progress is on time and on track.
    3. Anticipates problems and offers alternatives and solutions to the news programs concerned in the event story and program objectives and schedules may not be met.
    4. Directs, encourages and provides moral support to newsgathering teams especially during difficult or dangerous situations, to ensure the safety and well-being of personnel and property.
    5. On top of news stories being gathered, at any given moment, knows the status of his newsgathering teams assigned and their stories, and updates and advises those concerned of relevant information (such as, but not limited to: priority of story, exclusivity of the information, story elements, richness or lack of material, interesting sidebars) to ensure the objectives and timetable of news programs across INCA platforms and breaking news are met.
    6. Anticipates and plans for "Futures" (next-day and special events) coverage needs, using and developing reporters story pitches, preparing contingency plans and safety measures to ensure objectives are met.
    7. In the absence of reporters and producers, especially during breaking news, produces news reports for air.

    Quality Control
    1. Checks to help ensure that newsgathering output of assigned beat/s (information and presentation) meets and reflects the organization's quality standards and expressed values, e.g.: accuracy, balance, proper context, proper attribution, relevance, serves the public welfare, etc.
    2. Provides all concerned with necessary notice regarding graphic or violent video and language, ethical and legal constraints, special agreements, embargos, etc.
    3. Follows up on the schedule and timing of live shots and feeds, secures necessary information on the incoming material and advises those concerned to ensure optimal use (there may be better or different material than expected) and airing of the material on time.
    4. Sets up and coordinates live shots: discusses with reporter (or field producer) the content and action sequence of the live shot or live interview, including information such as location, camera moves and framing, leads, roll cues and out cues, running time, points of discussion for Q&A, who the reporter's anchor is, the context of the live shot in terms of the newscast (what precedes and follows the LS), etc.
    5. Assesses daily newsgathering efforts and special events coverage for areas of success and improvement; conveys and solicits feedback and recommended solutions to/from those concerned (newscast post mortems); implements improvements.


    • Graduate of a four-year college degree, preferably in journalism, broadcast communication or any related field.
    • Excellent knowledge of current events and relevant history.
    • Possesses solid experience in the field of news gathering, reporting, news analysis up to presentation of news stories
    • Knows how to tell a story, able to capture complex situations and tell it in simple terms for audience to understand.
    • Has very good news sense and able to provide relevant news according to platforms served.
    • Able to maintain solid network of sources.
    • Good leadership and people skills. Able to motivate, mentor and develop team members.
    • Good organizational and analytical skills.
    • Flexible, able to make sound management decisions and a quick thinker specially when it comes to handling breaking news and special news coverage.
    • Able to make credible and sound editorial judgments
    • Excellent in both written and oral communication skills in both English and Tagalog
    • Able to effectively deal with people from all levels in the organization as well as in various socio-economic and political groups. 
    • Effectively manages stress not only of self but team as well.
    • Willing to work on extended shifts including weekends, holidays, and overnights.
    • Familiar or having a working understanding of broadcast technologies, from computers, audio and video equipment to microwave and satellite transmission equipment.
    • This is for a project-based employment.

Preference will be given to candidates who APPLY ONLINE.