POSITION Digital Asset Management Specialist
WORK LOCATION National Capital Region
DATE POSTED June 07, 2024


The Big Dipper Digital Content and Design, Inc. is a subsidiary of ABS-CBN Corporation, in-charge of operating and maintaining the company's Media Asset Management system which includes:

- Converting Analog Video Materials to Digital Format
- Video Quality Checking of Ingested Video
- Cataloging of Ingested Materials
- Providing Transcription/Translation/ Synopsis Writing
- Processing of Multi-Format Dubbing



    The Digital Asset Management Specialist is in charge of managing all content archived in the Media Asset Management System and News Automated System. Handles the processing of retrieval, conversion, transcoding, dubbing, and file transfer (FTP) requests for all the materials in 24/7 operations. 


    Digital Asset Management Operations
    1. Performs the daily transactions for the various services under Digital Archive Management and is responsible to process & deliver all requests within the service level agreements:
      1. Media Issuance/Re-issuance
      2. File-based Archiving
      3. File-based Retrieval
      4. Media Conversion
      5. File Transcode and Digital Watermarking
      6. Multi-format Dubbing
      7. File Transfer (uploading and downloading)
    2. Tracks and monitors service request tickets, systems performance, and status of transactions and coordinates with support groups for all errors/problems encountered
    3. In charge of processing the employee’s clearance and settlement of accountability
    4. Handles the management of tape libraries and media storages including LTO tapes (primary and backup tapes
    5. Handles the inventory of all archived media located at an offsite storage
    6. In charge of the proper disposal of defective media storage and obsolete documents
    7. Performs regular LTO tape checks, evaluations, and analysis
    8. Handles turnover of media assets for safekeeping, recycling, and/or disposal
    9. Attends status meetings and provides weekly/quarterly report
    Policies and Procedures
    1. Reviews and improves policies and procedures to ensure effective policing of media assets
    2. Assists in the planning and implementation of the monitoring, measurement, analysis, and improvement processes needed to ensure conformity with the quality management system
    3. Determines and formulates preventive actions to eliminate causes of potential nonconformities of the section in order to prevent their occurrence
    4. Makes and implements corrective actions to eliminate causes of nonconformities encountered by the section to prevent their recurrence
    Customer Relations Management
    1. Attends to all queries & provides assistance to clients and ensures that customer feedback & complaints are monitored and addressed in order to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system & to meet the requirements of clients



    College Graduate (4-year course)
    Comp Science or Mass Comm graduate preferred
    Has the ability to create reports and analyze results
    Basic computer operations
    Flexible and can work with minimum supervision
    Good oral and written communication skills
    Can work under pressure
    Keen with details                      
    At least 1-3 years of related working experience preferred
    At least 6 months experience in QMS audit

Preference will be given to candidates who APPLY ONLINE.