POSITION Digital Production Services Specialist
WORK LOCATION National Capital Region
DATE POSTED January 31, 2024


ABS-CBN is considered one of the country’s leading media and entertainment companies, with service offerings across the different platforms of media, servicing a wide array of customer segments. 
As an organization, ABS-CBN affirms its mission of being in the service of the Filipino and all of its stakeholders worldwide. The company is driven to pioneer, innovate and adapt as it continues to provide information, news and entertainment that connects Filipinos with one another and with their community - wherever they may be. ABS-CBN is firmly committed to pursuing excellence. 

Prior to the shutdown of its broadcast operations in 2020, ABS-CBN was the largest television network in the Philippines. As a radio broadcast company, it operated 22 radio stations including anchor radio stations in Mega Manila, DZMM and DWRR, in the AM and FM bands, respectively. 
The company delivers television programming outside of the Philippines to over 3 million viewers in North America, the Middle East, Europe, Japan, Australia, Canada, and other countries in Asia, through the internet and the Company’s global distribution platform, TFC, using DTH satellite service, cable television channels, IPTV, mobile applications and video streaming services. Its offerings are further complemented by subsidiaries focused on other multimedia services such as film production, music recording, telecommunications, and magazine and book publishing. 



    The Digital Production Services Specialist acts as the hands-on project expert for multi-platform projects of branded digital-led campaigns that have the following components: Video (Bespoke video, Livestream, Reels or Shorts, Branded intrusions from narrative or non-narrative content across the ABS digital platforms, Video executions such as LSG/OBB/et al), On-ground, TV/Linear repurposing of content, production of vignettes and other creative materials. The Digital Production Services Specialist will primarily assist sales and production teams with the feasibility, potential conceptualization, costing, and project management of the said branded campaigns and activations in a highly efficient and timely manner.

    1. Standardizes and optimizes the process in culling sound production costs and Talent Fees (TF) for Linear and Digital-led Video BEs across YouTube, iWantTFC, Social, Podcasts (if applicable) with the objective of lessening the roadblocks for Sales to be able to close the deal and scale up BE buys based on the output of the ABS production and talent management team.
    2. Scope of production of Video BEs would be digital only.
    3. As the standardization process of TF and production cost is on-going, works with the Sales team, digital marketing team, digital creatives and other relevant internal teams in ensuring that the BEs presented have a corresponding production cost and TF (particularly those that have Sales Leads)
    4. For titles that are at concept level, he/she leads in bringing together Digital Branded Content Creatives and the Line Producer/Writers of the upcoming title with the intention of pre-identifying the categories of the advertisers that would have a branded intrusion within the title. Aside from this, he/she and the Digital Branded Content Creatives will put together a brand character map with the effort of pre-identifying the products/brands that the lead actors/characters will be utilizing to enable a more targeted approach in selling these BEs to clients.
    5. For titles that are pre-selling, works closely with Digital Branded Creatives in connecting them to the writers based on the briefing that will be done by Creatives team with the intent of making the title highly sellable to the advertisers. The Digital Production Services Specialist must also work closely with finance and/or the production teams to determine the production cost, potential TFs of the identified artists of that pre-selling title.
    6. Determines feasibility of concepts through knowledge of parameters of the different programs/format/platform (knowledge of current portions running in individual programs).
    7. Monitors and determines project/proposal/plan conformity to set guidelines of the network and government or regulating agencies when applicable ( ASC, BFAD, DTI, DOLE or any relevant regulatory body).
    8. Keeps abreast of tentpole titles / content grid across iWantTFC and YouTube and other relevant updates related to digital content, branded opportunities and go-to-market efforts.
    9. Coordinates with LOBs for new initiatives, and titles and identify possible branding opportunities in collaboration with the Digital Marketing team and Digital Creatives.
    10. Applies thorough and in-depth knowledge of production process which includes pre- and post-production, shooting, editing, post production, airing
    11. Assists in coordinating shoots and provides creative and technical inputs, whenever necessary.
    12. Produce BEs of all video (and if applicable audio streaming) executions of branded digital campaigns for iWantTFC, Youtube, Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter, Spotify, Instagram and One Domain, if relevant/applicable:, and works closely with DIT for their implementation on ABS-CBN Digital Platforms. On-ground activations for digital-led campaigns working with Digital Branded Creatives, LOBs, or other line producers/appropriate teams.
    13. Coordinates and collaborates with the Digital Implementation group for the implementation of all branded digital executions on the different websites, social media platforms of ABS-CBN.
    14. Participates in Events as part of the Production Team to oversee all digital branded executions and to make sure that everything is executed properly.
    15. Understands and values the level of confidentiality of client projects since the team deals with other Sales groups managing other accounts that may be deemed as a competitor to the other.
    16. Assists in suggesting (and contacting) possible talents/artists for agencies/clients for different digital and on-ground undertakings. Understands the protocol and confidentiality of negotiating with the different talent managers.
    17. Closely coordinates with Star Magic, Stellar, and other relevant talent management or influencer organizations as regards to the possible talents to be used by the brands.
    18. Provides accurate and timely talent fees with proper computation w/ a deep understanding on the profitability and business model of digital.
    19. Sends talent tracking form for talents used for BEs both on-ground and online
    20. Prepares timetable together with production teams of different LOBs.
    21. Calls for deployment of production-related guidelines if applicable
    22. Attends bi-monthly meetings of the digital revenue team with sales.
    23. Assists in providing videos and audio bites (for Podcast streaming products) and other materials for the Digital Roadshow decks, e-flyers .
    24. Develops, revises, and provides creative materials such as scripts, spiels, audio-video guides in the absence of the program’s writer (or in the absence of an anchor program in cases where material airs in a commercial gap) to enable a quick turn-around time for client.
    25. Lead in the coordination / supervision with / of Creatives in materials (samples, initial edits) for pitches and implementations.
    26. Accomplish Internal Reports: Deployment Schedule (when applicable), Sending of Pre-Production Organizer / Agreements and Sponsors Grid, Incident Reports and Post-Mortem if necessary.
    27. Accomplish External Report: Post-Mortem Reports, Call Back Reports, Pre-Production Organizers/Agreements.
    28. Works with Digital Marketing team in updating and accomplishing the outstanding items in the YouTube MFYT and iWantTFC Originals BE Sales Tracker.
    29. Participate in constant review and update of corporate marketing guidelines such as but not limited to Prod Cost Standards, Standard Talent Fees, Outsourcing TPAs Process & Steps, etc.


    • Mass Communications/Marketing graduate
    • With related experience/exposure in TV production, creative agency work
    • Team player
    • Above average oral and written communication skills (can articulate ideas in agency and client meetings)
    • Strong project/time management skills
    • Attention to details
    • Must be open to project-based employment

Preference will be given to candidates who APPLY ONLINE.