POSITION Employee Engagement and Communications Officer
WORK LOCATION National Capital Region
DATE POSTED November 21, 2019


iCONNECT CONVERGENCE INC. (iCONN) is a customer service and relationship management consulting and outsourcing business powered by ABS-CBN Corporation to serve its customers and that of its subsidiaries and affiliates.

We provide technical and non-technical customer service and relationship management functions, such as but not limited to directory and information assistance, sales generation, order-taking, telecollection, cross-selling, up-selling, telemarketing for the purpose of promoting and advertising products and services, requests and inquiries handling, sales fulfilment and payment facilitation, whether for itself or for other parties.

We believe that the purpose of our existence is anchored upon the need to provide unparalleled customer experience by creating and deepening good relationships with customers and ultimately making them feel like a true kapamilya in all channels and interactions we serve.


    • Conceptualizes, formulates, and implements long term and sustainable Employee Engagement Programs and Strategies designed to promote and support the company’s values, improve organizational relationships, motivation, productivity, and employee well-being to achieve work-life balance.
    • Develops employee recognition programs and strategies aligned to operational requirements of the accounts.
    • Manage a Fun Management Team per site that will help in formulating and executing activities that fits with ICONN’s Corporate Values and will imbed a culture of appreciation.
    • Organize events such as sport tournaments, parties, and other activities designed to enhance teamwork, health consciousness, work-life balance, and recreation; Track employee participation rates and capture feedback about program and services by conducting After Action Review (AAR) after each activity.
    • Brings out pride in every employee by championing time-honored company tradition and practices, such as anniversary celebrations, ecumenical Christian observations, granting of rewards, etc.
    • Make representations with the community and bring into reality the collaboration between Industry and Community towards achieving common goals and aspirations.
    • Manages the social media account of ICONN by being its Primary Administrator; Creates branding for events and programs; Develop messaging and manage internal communication efforts (company-wide emails, intranet posts, calendar invitations, office announcements, bulletin boards, etc.) to ensure that employees are properly informed of company initiatives.
    • Understands and analyses specific HR requirements of the organization, given its overall thrust and directions, by working with the cross-functional teams to identify solutions related to employee engagement.
    • Design tools and instruments that will accurately measure employee sentiments, opinions, and aspirations by formulating questionnaires. He/She shall provide guidance to enable the business to act on survey outputs and drive improvements.
    • Coordinates and conducts periodic climate surveys and organizational health diagnostic studies by administering the tools and instrument developed for this purpose to find out collective sentiments of employees.
    • Collects timely data to support business initiatives through focus group, surveys, town halls, one-on-one interviews, and other methodology; Evaluates and applies the data to support decisions.
    • Perform other functions which may be assigned by the Immediate Superior from time to time.


    • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Management, and/or any related field
    • At least three (3) years work experience in Human Resource or in a similar work environment
    • Proficient in MS Word applications – MS Excel, MS Word, MS Powerpoint
    • Excellent Oral and Written Communications
    • Excellent Time Management Skills
    • Project Management Skills

Preference will be given to candidates who APPLY ONLINE.