POSITION Events Executive Producer
WORK LOCATION National Capital Region
DATE POSTED November 09, 2018


ABS-CBN Corporation is the Philippines' leading information and entertainment multimedia conglomerate. The Company is primarily involved in television and radio broadcasting, as well as in the production of television and radio programming for domestic and international audiences and other related businesses. ABS-CBN produces a wide variety of engaging, world-class entertainment programs that are aired on free-to-air television.

The Company is also one of the leading radio broadcasters, operating eighteen radio stations throughout the key cities of the Philippines. ABS-CBN provides news and entertainment programming for nine channels on cable TV and operates the country's largest cable TV service provider. The Company also owns the leading-cinema and music production and distribution outfits in the country. It brings its content to worldwide audiences via cable, satellite, online and mobile.

The Company has interests in content development and production, cable and satellite television services, merchandising and licensing, mobile and online multimedia services, glossy magazine publishing, video and audio post production, and overseas services, all of which complement and enhance ABS-CBN's strength in content production and distribution.


    As Executive Producer:
    • Production Planning
      • Dete     rmines the work flow/process flow and schedule of the program; ensures that these are cascaded and coordinated to all concerned
      • Partners with the Creative Team in the conceptualization and execution of events
      • Ensures that the master schedule, production plan or timetable is implemented in accordance to quality, operational and cost efficiency standards
      • Identifies factors which may cause delays to production activities and develops contingency plans to deal with them
      • Ensures that all manpower/technical /logistical requirements are in place prior to actual taping/telecast
    • Production Control
      • Communicates policies to program staff; monitors and ensures compliance to the code of conduct/agreements; implements corrective actions in cases of violations
      • Resolves production conflicts and problems (no show of guests, walkouts, conflict of schedules, artist schedule coordination c/o TDMC/Managers, sudden illness) and provides on-the-spot solutions
      • Ensures alignment of various production elements (locations, costumes, props, sets, lighting, scoring, graphics, special effects, etc.) with the program script and objectives
      • Ensures that production is done in accordance with operational efficiency standards (maximize use of facilities/equipment, number of taping days, etc); able to justify deviations if any
      • Supervises the actual show and ensures that schedules are met
      • Supervises the postproduction processes (editing, scoring, sound, effects, graphics, etc.) and ensures that quality is in accordance with the program objectives.  Provides set standards and is able to do spot checks preferably based on actual presence during post production session
    • Manpower/Casting
      • Ensures that manning level is in accordance with the program's manning template.  Ensures proper documentation of manpower hiring.  In case of unbudgeted hirings, seeks approval from PM prior to actual hiring.
      • Matches the artist with the requirement of the show taking into account the artist's track record, capability, potential, star value, image, schedule and program budget.  Makes effective recommendations on main stars, guests/launches and events to top management (PM, TV Head) for final approval.  Decides on 1-number guests/bit players.
      • Negotiates with artists and talent managers; ensures that agreements made are within management's directives and program budget
      • Coordinates with the production team regarding artist attendance, schedule and other requirements
      • Discovers new talents, breakthrough combinations and concepts
      • Works with the Legal Department to draw up contracts for artists and crew members
    • Creative Management
      • Manages the regular creative meetings (even without the PM) and ensures participation of the production staff
      • Recommends program titles that capture the essence of the programs/concept/content and can be easily recalled by the audience
      • Assesses the quality of scripts and recommends changes (if major) to the PM or Creative Manager as necessary.  Makes final decisions on script changes (if minor) and instructs head writer to implement.
      • Previews the program/VTR's prior airing to ensure that the final content is aligned with program objectives and is in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Company, KBP and MTRCB
      • Recommends and modifies the content of the show (reformatting, cancellation, relaunching, etc) and implements such based on research data (viewers' feedback, ratings, surveys, focus group discussions, etc) and sales data (traffic, revenue, etc). PM and TV Heads approve. If major, up to the COO.
    • Financial Management/Admin
      • Draws up and justifies the production budget; ensures all expenses stay within budget
      • Creates additional revenue streams via multi-media platforms (text, merchandise, sound track, events, video, and other line extensions)
      • Effectively presents developed concepts/ shows to top management
      • Ensures that negotiated venue, catering, props, sets, etc. are within management's directives and program budget
      • Prepares and analyzes production cost reports; identifies causes of overruns and recommends possible solutions. Ensures non-recurrence and recover overrun from future savings
      • Ensures that all financial and legal paperwork is properly drawn up and processed
    As AdProm Coordinator:
    • Informs CCM about newly approved events and sets initial meetings with the show’s Production Manager and Creative Manager to discuss branding, strategy and media plan that will appeal to the target market
    • Initiates and creates promo strategies that capture the essence of the show and attract interest, sponsors and ticket sales
      • Drives and strengthens the program branding via multi-media sustained promo strategies
      • Collaborates with the producer and poster artist of CCM in conceptualizing and finalizing the initial poster design and presents it to the Production Manager and Unit Head
      • Collaborates with Events Head regarding conceptualization, treatment style and strategic placement of art cards and other digital content material
    • Synergizes and provides/secures/traffics content from other ABS-CBN media platforms
    • Executes show’s approved promo plan for various platforms (i.e., on-air, on-ground, radio/music, print, TV appearances, licensing, CCPMG, RNG and TFC) and continuously conceptualizes for selected platforms post-launch of show (i.e., press conference (print), bloggers con, TV and radio appearances and social Media concepts)
      • Ensures execution of on-air requirements based on agreed promo calendar through close collaboration with CCM, Programming and On-Air (creation of the teaser and plugs, strategic placement of teaser, plugs and other special plugs)
      • Collaborates with other producers to ensure that release of digital content material is aligned with the approved promo calendar
    • Coordinates with production regarding PR coverage of the event


    • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in relevant work experience
    • Previous work related experience required
    • Demonstrates strong leadership skills
    • Communicates clearly and effectively
    • Works well with a team; team builder
    • Exhibits strong problem-solving skills, a trouble-shooter and a big-picture planner
    • Maintains professional demeanor
    • Demonstrates knowledge of current media market trends
    • Possesses broad knowledge of the means of production in question
    • Exhibits familiarity with industry standards
    • Demonstrates ability to formulate a realistic budget, can negotiate and a money saver
    • Capable of maintaining a network of industry performers and other artists
    • Exhibits ability to think both creatively and analytically
    • Possesses excellent time management and multi-tasking skills

Preference will be given to candidates who APPLY ONLINE.