POSITION EVS Slomo Operator (Sports+Action)
WORK LOCATION National Capital Region
DATE POSTED August 10, 2018


ABS-CBN Sports and Action, stylized as ABS-CBN Sports+Action, is a Filipino free-to-air sports and action channel. It is managed by ABS-CBN Sports, ABS-CBN Corporation's sports content division. The channel occupied the former channel space of Studio 23, a young adult-oriented network ceasing operations on January 16, 2014. It began its operations on January 18.

According to ABS-CBN Narrowcast Head March Ventosa, the division started developing the concept of a sports channel of free television for a year. Also with its launching, the management decided to drop the strong Studio 23 branding for it is well associated with entertainment programs of which the former channel only carries 30 percent of sports related content.


    As a Slomo Operator: 
    • Able to demonstrate extensive familiarity with the mechanics, rules, elements, terms, protocols, trends, historical data, etc. of the following sports — basketball, volleyball, badminton, boxing, racing, poker, etc.
    • Able to keenly monitor, identify, capture, and edit highlights during the course of the sports event.
    • Able to choose the right viewing angle at the right time through slow motion, replays of sequences, or highlights.
    • Able to apply basic records management in order to properly and accurately index, archive or file materials.
    • Able to translate the Director's artistic demands through the correct manipulation of the ff. machines found in the ob van
    • Able to distinguish every button functions and effects of slomo machine found in ob van or fixed set-up and its accessories to perform required operations (e.g. switching, recording, playbacks, etc.)
    • Able to perform work using computer, its software, and accessories particularly the slomo machines whether DVC and other brands for video effects.

    As VTRMAN:
    • Able to prepare and arrange the setup of audio and video systems (Audio and Video monitors, Production Switcher, Cameras, Mixing Consoles, Audio and Video Distribution Amplifiers, Routers and Signal Converters).
    • Able to operate audio and video systems (Audio and Video Monitors, Production Switcher, Cameras, Mixing Consoles, Audio and Video Distribution Amplifiers, Routers and Signal Converters).
    • Able to give updates on filming methods and equipment
    • Able to perform pre-recording line-up test procedures to ensure the best technical quality on both sound and picture.
    • Able to consistently monitor technical quality and apply necessary adjustments during filming.
    • Able to provide solutions to technical or other practical problems related to media recording playback.
    • Able to handle responsibly all equipment and accessories.
    • Able to perform basic repair and maintenance of equipment handled.
    • Able to provide on time solutions involving his field of operations (field diagnostics).
    • Able to coordinate with TD, CCU, TOC Personnel, Systems, Production Assistant, Server Systems Admin.


    • Graduate of engineering or any IT course, specifically.
    • Work experience — at least with minimum 3 years experience on as VTR man.
    • With background on EVS is a factor.
    • excellent verbal and written communication skills
    • Able to stay calm and react quickly and accurately under pressure. Requires high levels of concentration and stamina
    • Must have the discipline to respond to cues accurately according to predetermined plans, and the confidence to take the initiative and deal autonomously with unforeseen circumstances or problems when they arise.
    • a good understanding of the language of the transmission
    • precise attention to detail
    • advanced IT skills

Preference will be given to candidates who APPLY ONLINE.