SUBSIDIARY Creative Programs Inc.
POSITION Executive Producer
WORK LOCATION National Capital Region
DATE POSTED January 10, 2020


With its range of content spanning from various passions and interests catering to a vast number of viewers, the Creative Programs, Inc. (CPI) team has continued to be the leading content creator for the affluent Filipino viewers.  The subsidiary has two main functions namely, it (1) manages, operates and delivers channels as well as it (2) promotes the CPI channels to cable operators exploring the new leverages on new revenue opportunities through their channel distribution section.

CPI continues to cater to a particular target audience producing programs such as Hero and Balls to Lifestyle Network, Myx, Jeepney and their still number one cable channel in the country, Cinema One.  These programs are carefully managed, combining foreign acquired programs and local productions.  Aside from delivering the most-awaited programs, shows, and teleseryes, CPI has also continued to excel in mounting events which the advertisers and viewers have highly anticipated.  Such programs would include Lifestyle Network's Summer Soul, Myx Mo by Myx, Cinema One Originals and Hero's Face Off.



    The Executive Producer is responsible for overall program performance terms of content quality, viewer performance (ratings/affinity) and profitability (attractiveness and usability to advertisers).                                                                                                                                       


    1. Ensure that the master schedule (timelines) is implemented in accordance to operational and cost efficiency standards.
    2. Ensure that all manpower and logistical requirements (schedule, contracts, payments, ex-deals etc.) are in place prior to actual taping/telecast.
    3. Ensure alignment of production elements with program script and objectives. Oversee creative meetings and liaise with the production house.
    4. Determine and justify the required production budget for regular/existing programs based on identified manning level (on and off cam), talent fees and concept demands
    5. Supervise and ensure that production is done in accordance to set operational efficiency standards.
    6. Assess the quality of the scripts and recommends changes (if major) to the production manager or creative manager as necessary. Make final decisions of script changes (if minor) and instruct the Headwriter to implement;
    7. Ensure that the final content is aligned with program objectives and is accordance with the rules and regulations of the Company, KBP and MTRCB;
    8. Drive and strengthen the program branding via multi-media (TV, radio, press releases, text, internet, etc) sustained promo strategy;
    9. Manage the channel budget related to the program. Together with CMG & Sales, brainstorms for Brand Entertainment’s and in-program sales executions
    10. Sustain and innovate on the program’s concept/branding
    11. Perform other tasks may be required.


    1. Strong organizational, interpersonal, project and time management skills;
    2. Able to work with minimal supervision;
    3. Basic understanding and good aesthetic taste for various forms of presentation, including artwork, web, print and  graphic design, motion graphics and typography, film, and written content;
    4. Excellent communication skills;
    5. Knowledgeable of designated channel’s content;
    6. Willing to work long hours.

Preference will be given to candidates who APPLY ONLINE.