POSITION Finance Officer
DATE POSTED July 09, 2019


The Chosen Bun (TCB) is a wholly owned subsidiary of ABS-CBN Corporation. The Chosen Bun is a Food and Beverage group that seeks to enter both the fast and casual food restaurant industry with our own Kapamilya brand of service and excellence. TCB will provide both restaurant models with a farm to table experience that will be both nutritious and delicious that will leave our Kapamilyas wanting more.


    Assist the Senior Finance Officer (SFO) on the overall direction and control of all financial concerns of Division handled. Scope of responsibility includes financial, cost and management accounting.

    Financial Reporting and Analyses
    • Provides financial rations and analyses, and projected financial results of all projects/events/programs (involving financial resources) initiated by accounts. This is to assist management in determining which projects have minimal financial risks or which ones provide the best financial results.
    • Submits on time and the accurate financial reports (ie. division reports and its cost center operating expenses variances analysis of the current year vs budget vs previous period).
    • Prepares other financial reports, as requested
    Accounts Payable Management
    • Reviews and/or approves requests for payment, liquidations and/or replenishment, cash advances and other related transactions. This includes preparation and submission of transmittal reports.
    • Coordinates on liquidations of ASTL (subject to further evaluation of Shared Services)
    • Serves as point-person on tracking the status of payable documents
    • Accrues the unpaid/un-posted expenses
    • Ensures that all "cash" contract obligations with third-party organizer and promoters are processed on time, if any
    • Controls and manages operating and general & administrative expenses
    Budgeting and Forecasting
    • Assists in the preparation of the division's operating budget, GAEX, and CAPEX, align with the Corporate or Consolidated budget
    • Encodes budget and any revisions, thereof
    • Monitors and manages the actual expenses vis-a-vis approved budget on a monthly, annual or as required
    Audit and Internal Control
    • Ensures compliance on policies and procedures
    • Coordinates with audit group or divisions for any improvement on the control and procedures
    • Facilitates discussion of audit findings and recommends formulation and implementation of policies as needed
    • Monitor implementation of audit recommendations brought about by audit findings
    • Responsible for identifying gaps and inefficiencies in the existing financial and operations aspects of each Division's business activities, and proposing solutions to address the gaps/issues
    • Initiates policy formulation depending on the requirement of the Division
    Other Services
    • Ensures confidential data are kept with limited access
    • Coordinates and secures advice on tax issues affecting the Division
    • Reviews and approves ex-deal requirements, if any
    • Reviews of price quotations and related supplier accreditation documentation, e.g. FS reviews, if applicable
    • Assists in the business case formulation of new business or projects of the Division
    • Participates in the negotiations and reviews the contracts, MOAs or Deal Memos
    • Attends management and/or operations committee meetings
    • Performs other functions that may be assigned by the management from time to time
    Problem Solving and Decision Making
    • Duties are diversified and involve general knowledge of company's policies and procedures; the use of set of generally accepted accounting - principles and updated taxes
    • Elevate to superior specific issues involving big amount of money or complex situations
    • Position-holder has flexibility to think out of the box, existing procedures or workflows with the end result of achieving the same, if not better, output
    Major Internal and/or External Contacts
    • Management- Division handled and Corporate Finance
    • Executive Officer - for Operating Divisions
    • Corporate Services Group 1
    • Corporate Services Group 2
    • Suppliers, External Vendors etc.



    • Bachelor's Degree or equivalent in relevant work experience
    • Preferred CPA but not required
    • 1 year previous work related experience required. 2 years of previous work related experience preferred
    • Excellent computer skills including Microsoft Office applications.
    • Demonstrated excellence in time management skills
    • Excellent interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills
    • Ability to work in a team fostered environment
    • Ability to work in a multi-tasked environment
    • Ability to prioritize and organize work
    • Ability to adopt to a flexible schedule

Preference will be given to candidates who APPLY ONLINE.