POSITION HR Specialist
WORK LOCATION National Capital Region
DATE POSTED June 10, 2019


iCONNECT CONVERGENCE INC. (iCONN) is a customer service and relationship management consulting and outsourcing business powered by ABS-CBN Corporation to serve its customers and that of its subsidiaries and affiliates.

We provide technical and non-technical customer service and relationship management functions, such as but not limited to directory and information assistance, sales generation, order-taking, telecollection, cross-selling, up-selling, telemarketing for the purpose of promoting and advertising products and services, requests and inquiries handling, sales fulfilment and payment facilitation, whether for itself or for other parties.

We believe that the purpose of our existence is anchored upon the need to provide unparalleled customer experience by creating and deepening good relationships with customers and ultimately making them feel like a true kapamilya in all channels and interactions we serve.



    This position provides various administrative support in the efficient delivery of HR services.


    • Manages the timekeeping function by implementing the Company’s timekeeping policy and downloading/generating the required reports for payroll processing and other timekeeping/ productivity-related analysis.
    • Collects the timekeeping forms, validates timekeeping entries, and ensures timely submission to Payroll SSC for payroll inclusion.
    • Assists in benefits administration by ensuring that employee benefits are given on a timely manner and my ensuring that availments are in accordance to Company policies and established work process flow.
    • In-charge of administrating the government-mandated benefits by receiving, reviewing, and tracking of submitted loan forms, check releasing, voucher retrieval, and ensuring that loan vouchers are submitted to Payroll SSC in a timely manner for implementation of salary deduction.
    • Prepares the following Philhealth Documents: CF1, Certificate of Contribution, Release of MDR.
    • Assists in the clearance process by submitting the Clearance Monitoring Form to Payroll; Monitors the availability of final pay check; Prepare documents such a Certificate of Employment, Quitclaim, Certificate of Contribution for release of Final Pay.
    • Assists in the recruitment of Individual Contributors by preparing and discussing Job Offer Sheets and Pre-Employment Kits and ensuring submission of accepted Job Offer Sheets to SSC Back Office.
    • Assists in the implementation of employee welfare and training programs through participation in working committees and preparation of logistics needed for such activities (i.e. preparation and routing of certificates, attendance tracker maintenance, rewards and recognition program logistics, preparation of HR employee engagement cash advances, liquidation and reimbursements, conducting concessionaire audit).
    • Maintains, updates, and ensures completeness of employee’s 201 file, employee database and filing system for benefits administration, timekeeping and recruitment, for reference and analysis.
    • Ensures availability of HR Forms on site (i.e. Loan Form, DTL, Leave Form, OT Form, etc.)
    • Maintains an inventory of HR Office Supplies and ensures that supplies are replenished on a timely manner.
    • Coordinates with Clinic Nurse on the availability of medicines and ensures that medicine supplies are replenished on a timely manner.
    • Prepare documents for Individual Contributors such as PAAF, Certificate of Employment, and other related documents that are required by the HR Admin Manager.
    • Conducts New Employee Orientation (NEO) to new employees of Iconn and Benefits Orientation to newly regularized employees through face-to-face orientation session.
    • Maintains the Attrition File and update the HR Admin Manager per cut off period for payroll exclusion of separated employees.
    • Provide assistance to concerned work unit in the implementation of due process for Timekeeping and Attendance issues, including conduct of administrative hearing to ensure strict compliance to labor law requirements.
    • Gathers and Safekeeps the Disciplinary Action Memo submitted by concerned units; Provide the Employee Relations Team of ABS-CBN with regular disciplinary action reports on a monthly basis and in a timely manner.
    • Perform other functions which may be assigned by the Immediate Superior from time to time.


    • College Graduate
    • With at least 1 year experience working in HR Department
    • Familiar with government mandated benefits
    • Proficient in MS Office Applications – MS Excel, MS Word, MS Powerpoint
    • Good Oral and Written Communication Skills

Preference will be given to candidates who APPLY ONLINE.