POSITION Music Marketing Specialist
WORK LOCATION National Capital Region
DATE POSTED July 26, 2021


Star Recording, Inc. - or simply, Star Records - was a major diversification move in the evolution of ABS-CBN from a broadcast media to a fully integrated entertainment company. After gaining a solid foothold in film production and distribution (Star Cinema) and merchandising (ABS-CBN Licensing), venturing into the music business was an obvious development. 

Incorporated in February 1995, Star Records began commercial operations in September of the same year, having signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Sony Music Entertainment, covering the entire country except Metro Manila. 

Within a few months, the company managed to set up what has become the largest provincial sales and distribution network, with branches in Cebu, Iloilo, Davao and Cagayan de Oro, complemented by a team of sales representatives for Northern, Central and Southern Luzon.


    1. Creates effective release strategies, marketing timeline and tactics of the singles and
    albums to target market and specific territorial markets.
    2. Implements music marketing plans from pre-release until during release week for the
    labels and artists. Secures artist promo schedules, coordinate artist availability and update
    artist growth
    3. Manages audio and video release schedule documentation for both local and international
    4. Aligns publicity promotional campaign for the artist guestings (i.e., TV, radio, digital shows
    and events).
    5. Responsible for project P&L, budgeting, compliance controls of the music marketing
    6. Builds relationships internally and externally to drive opportunity for the label and the artists.
    7. Identifies visual directions and type of assets needed for the marketing execution.
    a. Ensures creative visual output delivered by the department is of the highest standard
    and quality.
    b. Collect, organize, and circulate all artist assets including photos, artwork, logos,
    music, bio, teasers, etc.
    c. Creates and updates all artist marketing decks, marketing timelines, and other
    project-related documents.
    8. Maximizes the potential of our catalogue via marketing activities.
    9. Initiates and coordinate the design and manufacturing of promo and merch items such as
    posters, stickers, shirts, hoodies, etc.
    10. Assists with administrative and day to day duties including calls, managing calendars,
    11. Communicates marketing drivers and pitch information for upcoming releases to digital
    streaming partners (e.g., Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube, Amazon, TikTok).
    12. Distributes marketing agendas and record meeting minutes to circulate afterward.
    13. Utilizes analytics tools to generate weekly reports on platforms such as Believe Backstage,
    Spotify for Artists, YouTube analytics, Social Media analytics etc.
    14. Works with all internal departments and artists to effectively and creatively plan and execute
    compelling marketing and digital campaigns around Star Music, Star Pop, DNA Music and
    other sub-labels releases.
    15. Keeps oneself updated in order to be competitive in the market.
    16. Performs other tasks may be assigned from time to time.


    • Knowledgeable about music and trends.
    • Knowledgeable in preparing a tailor fit marketing and promotional campaigns 
    • Knowledgeable on the functions of the different music digital streaming and social media platforms 
    • Has at least 3 years of marketing or advertising experience
    • Articulate, strong communicator both in writing and verbally.

Preference will be given to candidates who APPLY ONLINE.