POSITION Resource Mobilization Assistant
WORK LOCATION National Capital Region
DATE POSTED February 27, 2023


ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation, Inc. (previously ABS-CBN Foundation, Inc.) is a committed advocate for public service in strategic sector of Philippine society. AFI aims to awaken hope in the Filipino through implementing projects via multi-sectoral partnerships in the spirit of bayanihan.

These are in child care and protection, education, environment, disaster management and community development. It is the public service arm of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation, one of Asia's biggest media conglomerates. It draws on the relationship to tap into the creativity and reach of media for its various programs.

AFI serves with the highest standards of excellence, professionalism, integrity and accountability.


    Assistant to the Head of Resource Mobilization:
    • Schedule Management
      • Manages and keeps track of the schedules of the Division Head and Department/Unit Heads, ensuring there are no scheduling conflicts
      • Setup meetings, travel, speaking engagements, and other appointments for Division Head and Department/Unit Heads
    • Communication Liaison
      • Receives and processes/forwards phone calls, mails, invitations, etc. for the Resource Mobilization Division
      • Handles simple concerns from AFI staff, donors, partners and escalate to a Marketing Specialist/Officer or the heads, if necessary
      • Prepares meeting minutes for the Resource Mobilization Division
      • Ensures information dissemination within the division for announcements coursed through the EAs/Admin Officers
    • Resource Mobilization Support
      • Support for Fundraising Activities
        • Assists the Resource Mobilization team particularly the Marketing and Fundraising team in setting up/preparing for presentations, events, meetings, press launches, briefings, and such by helping prepare paraphernalia, coordinating schedules, venue, invitations, and other materials needed in close coordination with the Account Managers
        • Coordinates and submits to Donor Relations all letters of regret as well as list of donors for preparation of "Thank-You" letters
        • Manages the Salesforce System for the team:
          • Maintains the donor database by coordinating with fundraising/marketing staff to consolidate all necessary information
          • Maintains a central repository of project files and donor management files
          • Keeps an updated chart of proposals (sponsorship, request for donations, sales and exdeals) for follow-up purposes;
    • Administrative Officer:
      • Office Management and Logistical Support
        • Ensure office supplies and provisions are sufficient by managing the inventory and coordinating the procurement of such
        • Facilitate routing of documents for signatures
        • Setup and manage electronic and paper filing systems
        • Ensure compliance with all applicable record-keeping requirements
        • Ensure the smooth flow of all transactions/activities by maintaining logbook for incoming and outgoing documents 
        • Take care of logistical support for official business travel for Resource Mobilization Division, such as vehicle requests, airline booking and coordination with travel desk, filing of cash advances, reimbursements/liquidations, etc.
        • Monitor attendance of the division and prepares the attendance summary for submission to HR
        • Oversee timely preparation, processing and filing of documents related to projects or services (e.g. PRCS/RFP, attendance, overtime services form, department's monthly reports)
    • Financial Administration and Project Finance Support
      • Gets hold of the annual fundraising target as well as list of projects from programs supporting the fundraising targets
      • Regularly monitors actual fundraising performance vis-a-vis target on a per project and per cluster level
      • Provides monthly report of the actual performance per project and per cluster
      • Monitors the collection of contracted donations, advises Account Officer of the status of uncollected donations;
      • Manage the Division's revolving fund/petty cash from budget requisition, liquidation, and replenishment
      • Coordinatres with the Accounting Department for a monthly list of donation in support of C.4.a and E.4 above
      • Assist in the preparation of the Division's operating budget
      • Monitor's Departments' spending vis-a-vis approved operating budget
    • Policy/Systems Administration/Compliance
      • Implement systems/procedures for the improvement of task delivery related to specific areas of responsibility
      • Adhere to ALKFI's Vision-Mission-Values and comply with ALKFI/HRD policies and systems
    • Others
      • Perform other tasks that may be assigned by the Division head and Department/Unit Heads.


      1. Understanding of basic marketing, budgeting and financial monitoring principles
      2. Basic Financial Acumen
      3. Office Administration
    2. EXPERIENCE/Educational Attainment Required
      1. Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Marketing, Accountancy, or other similar tracks
      2. At least two (2) - three (3) years of experience as an Administrative Assistant / Executive Secretary
    3. SKILLS
      1. Proficient in MS Office Suite, particularly MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, MS Word
      2. Knowledgeable in SAP/FMS
      3. Proficient in written and verbal communication
      4. Interpersonal Relations
      5. Able to operate office equipment
      6. Attention to detail
      7. Report Writing

Preference will be given to candidates who APPLY ONLINE.