POSITION Road Manager
WORK LOCATION National Capital Region
DATE POSTED June 10, 2019


Star Recording, Inc. - or simply, Star Records - was a major diversification move in the evolution of ABS-CBN from a broadcast media to a fully integrated entertainment company. After gaining a solid foothold in film production and distribution (Star Cinema) and merchandising (ABS-CBN Licensing), venturing into the music business was an obvious development. 

Incorporated in February 1995, Star Records began commercial operations in September of the same year, having signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Sony Music Entertainment, covering the entire country except Metro Manila. 

Within a few months, the company managed to set up what has become the largest provincial sales and distribution network, with branches in Cebu, Iloilo, Davao and Cagayan de Oro, complemented by a team of sales representatives for Northern, Central and Southern Luzon.


    Position Summary

    This position is responsible for providing support and assistance to the Talent Handler in implementing plans and initiatives for the Music Management Group (MMG) from artist acquisition, management and development

    Duties and Responsibilities

    1. Handles the implementation of artists' bookings and engagements. Provides updates to the Talent Handler in line with the Master Calendar for all artists to serve as basis for all inquiries.
      • Entertains booking inquiries and endorses to the Lead for Music Management Group
      • Implements basic marketing efforts for all artists consistent with the image and policies of Star Music
    2. Acts as representative of the artist and Star Music during official functions/activity.
      • Accompanies artist in all engagements.
      • Monitors proper implementation of the artist’s booking contract in the actual event.
      • Secures full information regarding artist bookings and engagements (e.g., dates, times, locations, venues, maps, transportation arrangements, insurance, co-stars, themes, wardrobe, prop requirements, scripts, music)
      • Ensures the proper performance of artist’s responsibilities (e.g., artist’s punctuality, artist’s awareness of script or music, artist is fully briefed as to the nature and demands of the engagement, artist’s awareness of his/her actions taking into consideration his/her image, endorsements, and general career path)
      • Ensures the physical & emotional well-being of the artist (e.g., ensures the artist’s safety and security, prevents instances that may affect artist’s health such as excessive overtime work, not having enough rest, overload of activities, provides counseling to the artist for both professional and personal matters)
      • Deals with clients at the time of the engagement
    3. Performs administrative requirements in support of the MMG operations
      • Preparation and handling of documentary requirements (e.g., permits, memo, artist’s consent forms, liquidation reports, expense reports) within the prescribed timeline
      • Filing of artist’s official documents (e.g., booking contracts, receipts, correspondences, marketing paraphernalia)
    4. Ensures compliance to company policies, guidelines and procedures.
    5. Performs other tasks may be assigned from time to time.



    • Has good oral and written communication skills
    • Ability to provide reports and analyze information
    • Ability to work in a team fostered environment.
    • Ability to work in a multi-tasked environment.
    • Ability to prioritize and organize work.

Preference will be given to candidates who APPLY ONLINE.