POSITION Security Systems Officer (For Pooling)
WORK LOCATION National Capital Region
DATE POSTED April 16, 2020


ABS-CBN Corporation is the Philippines' leading information and entertainment multimedia conglomerate. The Company is primarily involved in television and radio broadcasting, as well as in the production of television and radio programming for domestic and international audiences and other related businesses. ABS-CBN produces a wide variety of engaging, world-class entertainment programs that are aired on free-to-air television.

The Company is also one of the leading radio broadcasters, operating eighteen radio stations throughout the key cities of the Philippines. ABS-CBN provides news and entertainment programming for nine channels on cable TV and operates the country's largest cable TV service provider. The Company also owns the leading-cinema and music production and distribution outfits in the country. It brings its content to worldwide audiences via cable, satellite, online and mobile.

The Company has interests in content development and production, cable and satellite television services, merchandising and licensing, mobile and online multimedia services, glossy magazine publishing, video and audio post production, and overseas services, all of which complement and enhance ABS-CBN's strength in content production and distribution.


    • Security System Management:
      • Operate the Security System in accordance with the following:
        • Operating Manual: to ensure unhampered and reliable operation of the System and its peripherals and avoid unnecessary disruptions in its operations.
        • Preventive Maintenance Manual: to ensure periodic checks and maintenance.
      • Implement the Service Level Agreement to ensure regular check and assessment of the following:
        • Access Control: ACS, WTMD, BB
        • CCTV
      • Assist in the preparation of the Security System Preventive Maintenance, Upgrade and/or Expansion Programs to serve as basis for the formulation of the succeeding year’s budget; implements approved Security System Preventive Maintenance, Upgrade and/or Expansion Programs.
      • Conducts annual inventory and operational evaluation/assessment of all Security System components, peripherals, spare parts and maintenance tools, submits reports and maintain updated records thereof.
      • Conducts research on new electronic security technologies that may be relevant to the current and future needs of the company and submits recommendations.
      • Conducts investigation on incidents involving breaches of security system operation and maintenance protocols and/or technical glitches and partial/total crashes of the system or any of its components and submits reports.
      • Promptly informs Head, Security Services (Head, SS) or Head Security Management Department (Head, SMD) or Head, Corporate Security and Safety Division (Head, CSSD) any minor or major incident pertaining to or may have implication on the Security System.
      • Conducts surveys of company facilities to determine requirements for electronic security equipment that is/are commensurate to assessed risks and recommends appropriate system architecture and equipment specifications for acquisition and installation.
      • Provides assistance to ABS-CBN regional units and subsidiaries as may be requested, on matters pertaining to the acquisition, operation, maintenance and upgrade of their respective stand-alone security systems.
      • Monitors operational status of all stand-alone security systems at ABS-CBN facilities and submits semi-annual status reports.
      • Ensures that all security system components and parts delivered and/or installed by selected providers are fully in accordance with specifications indicated in the Purchase Orders and perform efficiently as designed.
      • Assists the Head, Safety and Events Risk Management in identifying, acquiring, operating and maintaining appropriate electronic security systems and equipment that are intended to enhance event security and safety management.
    • Security System Specialist:
      • Train all Security System Technical Support and Surveillance Specialists in the proper operation of various components and peripherals of the system as well as in the regular maintenance thereof; trains all specialists regarding newly-introduced technologies that are integrated into the security system.
    • Perform other related duties as directed by the Head, SSS; the Head, SMD or the Head, CSSD.



    • Bachelor’s Degree is required.
    • At least five (5) years progressive career in the Electronic Systems, Security Systems, Computer Hardware / Software Field, the last three (3) of which must be in a responsible charged position.
    • Technical Skills Requirement:
      • Excellent computer skills including Microsoft Office applications.
      • Security System Management:
        • Access Control
        • Walk Through Metal Detector
        • Boom Barrier
        • CCTV
      • Proficient in the conduct of studies and research pertaining to current and emerging technologies in electronic security systems and able to convert such studies and plans into well-crafted acquisition, expansion and/or upgrade plans/programs.
      • Able to design and implement electronic security system architecture for “greenfield projects”. Risk Assessment, Survey Inspection and Investigations
      • System Contingency Planning:
        • Proficient in the formulation of plans for various security system failures, security breaches and other contingencies and the conduct of drills and exercises to test the validity of such plans.
        • Proficient in planning and execution of training courses to impart knowledge and develop skills of personnel involved in the operation and repair/maintenance of the electronic security system.    
    • Other Skills Requirement:
      • Demonstrated excellence in time management skills.
      • Excellent interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills.
      • Ability to work independently with minimal guidance.
      • Ability to work in a team environment.
      • Ability to work in a multi-tasked environment.
      • Ability to prioritize and organize work.
      • Ability to adapt to a flexible schedule.

Preference will be given to candidates who APPLY ONLINE.