POSITION Segment Producer (Halalan Debate)
WORK LOCATION National Capital Region
DATE POSTED December 01, 2021


ABS-CBN Corporation is the Philippines' leading information and entertainment multimedia conglomerate. The Company is primarily involved in television and radio broadcasting, as well as in the production of television and radio programming for domestic and international audiences and other related businesses. ABS-CBN produces a wide variety of engaging, world-class entertainment programs that are aired on free-to-air television.

The Company is also one of the leading radio broadcasters, operating eighteen radio stations throughout the key cities of the Philippines. ABS-CBN provides news and entertainment programming for nine channels on cable TV and operates the country's largest cable TV service provider. The Company also owns the leading-cinema and music production and distribution outfits in the country. It brings its content to worldwide audiences via cable, satellite, online and mobile.

The Company has interests in content development and production, cable and satellite television services, merchandising and licensing, mobile and online multimedia services, glossy magazine publishing, video and audio post production, and overseas services, all of which complement and enhance ABS-CBN's strength in content production and distribution.


    The Segment Producer, produces TV & Digital contents for a program, be it taped or live, as assigned by the Executive Producer or his/her Immediate Superior. They will acquire, sort and communicate information/data/fact/content from various sources needed for the content.


    1. Identifies, pitches,pursues and develops a story for purposes of long-form and in-depth production and reportage as required by the program concept, equity, and branding while taking into account the dynamics and trends of digital content;
    2. Establishes and builds a network of reliable sources who may provide the program with exclusive stories;
    3. Does intensive background research and checking on assigned topics inclusive of but not limited to the following: 
      1. related documents and relevant statistics/data/survey
      2. case studies/relevant SMEs/guests/personalities
      3. pertinent video material/s
    4. Attends weekly meeting/brainstorming and submits viable topics/story suggestions for future episodes;
    5. Work in close coordination with the Immediate superior for the workflow of the episode;
    6. Writes the story outline and scripts of the program for submission to the Associate Producer, Executive Producer or Immediate Superior;
    7. Identifies the audio-visual production requirements based on the story/episode and program’s concept and incorporates it in the script;
    8. Prepares and coordinates with graphics artists for all script or segment requirements;
    9. Researches file video materials needed for the script or segment;
    10. Provides data, information and video support to immediate superior, anchor/host and guests in the production of stories;
    11. Serves as team leader and directly supervises technical/logistics work during pre-production, actual production and post-production of any given assigned story;
    12. Transcribe interviews as needed in the script or story;
    13. Checks for errors, edit titles, tags and description, including end screens of video content for the assigned platform;
    14. Allocates program resources efficiently and cost effectively and liquidates budget used during production;
    15. Will assist/handle on-ground events related to the program;
    16. Responsible for safekeeping of storage materials (CF, SD, Micro SD, Hard drives) during shoot;
    17. Monitors competition and identifies its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and constantly assesses program position in relation to it and
    18. Ready to multi-task or performs other duties/work as necessary from Segment Producer work assigned by the Executive Producer/Immediate Superior. 


    Preferably with a degree in Mass Communication / Journalism / or any related course.

Preference will be given to candidates who APPLY ONLINE.