POSITION Storekeeper (For Pooling)
WORK LOCATION National Capital Region
DATE POSTED April 17, 2020


The Chosen Bun (TCB) is a wholly owned subsidiary of ABS-CBN Corporation. The Chosen Bun is a Food and Beverage group that seeks to enter both the fast and casual food restaurant industry with our own Kapamilya brand of service and excellence. TCB will provide both restaurant models with a farm to table experience that will be both nutritious and delicious that will leave our Kapamilyas wanting more.


    Position Summary

    Responsible for maintenance of inventory of all F&B items. S/he will manage releasing of requested items as part of the daily tasks.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    • Make sure FIFO (first-in/first-out) is being implemented
    • Make sure deliveries are correct based on specification (brands, weight, sizes, expiration, & correct prices are strictly monitored) against supplier's receipts
    • Weekly cleaning of storerooms and walk-in freezer is being followed
    • Monitors stockroom and submits the following reports:
      • Monthly report of breakages and losses
      • Weekly inventory report of stockroom and walk-in freezer
      • Weekly report of nearly expired items inside of storeroom and walk-in freezer
      • Unreturned borrowed items from his storeroom
    • Slow moving items and near expiring items are being reported/submitted to all concerned units (kitchen, dining, and bar)
    • Make sure storekeeper updates stock
    • Supervises weekly physical inventory of all stocks & assets with notes on condition, repair/replacement needs
    • Responsible for the physical movement of stocks from receipt to issuance including storage and safekeeping
    • Ensures that all inventory movement is supported by proper documentation
    • Monitors inventory movement of items assigned and recommends effective inventory level
    • Responsible for informing end users/requestors of the availability of item/s
    • Regularly inspects stockroom to be sure that the stocks are properly stored in conformity with the procedures
    • Participation on the monthly and annual inventory count

    Other Duties

    • Cashiering on a daily basis, based on prescribed schedule

    Major Internal and/or External Contacts

    • Internal - Department Managers and Supervisors, etc.
    • External - Customers, Vendors, etc.

    Work Environment

    • Food and Beverage outlets/food truck
    • Ability to lift and/or move 20 pounds with or without accommodation


    • Bachelor's degree in any related course
    • At least 1 year of experience in related industry
    • Trustworthy, excellent organization skills
    • Knowledgeable in excel and word
    • Ability to furnish and submit reports

Preference will be given to candidates who APPLY ONLINE.