POSITION UX Researcher
WORK LOCATION National Capital Region
DATE POSTED February 24, 2020


ABS-CBN Global utilizes the latest technology and available resources to provide Filipinos the most innovative products and services in content development and distribution, telecommunications, retail, money remittance, cargo forwarding, and social networking. 

ABS-CBN Global goes beyond content development and distribution as part of its mission to serve, empower, connect, and instill national pride among Filipinos worldwide. ABS-CBN Global provides products and services that enable Filipinos overseas to connect and nurture relationships with the Philippines and Filipinos worldwide.


    The UX Researcher is focused on understanding a target audience and how they interact with a particular product or service. The User Researcher is a market analyst, seeking the reasons behind behavior and the wants, needs, and priorities of people interacting with your brand. Once they understand what motivates a consumer population to select one product over another, they can figure out how to make the product more appealing, user-friendly, and accessible to the masses.

    Major Duties and Responsibilites:
    1. Lead the conversion optimization roadmap for the business including creating data-driven hypotheses and deploying well structured AB tests to improve website conversion and user experience
    2. Monitor site conversion rates on a daily basis; making recommendations and ultimately improving a customer journey and usability
    3. Manage, nurture and convert inbound leads into active users with creative and effective follow-up campaigns through omnichannel marketing activities
    4. Design and conduct qualitative and quantitative studies, including field observations and interviews, remote and in-person usability studies for existing and future products, Heuristics evaluations, UX assessments, structuring and analyzing surveys to evaluate the impacts of product changes and gather insights at scale
    5. Synthesize qualitative research findings with other available quantitatibe metrics to cross-analyze and translate data into results that have a clear, direct impact on product design
    6. Adapt and innovate research methods to meet product needs by delivering high quality insights in a fast-paced work environment, and by contextualizing for specific use cases across products
    7. Conduct user research by using a User persona/Spectrum creation to target users and identify their needs from the product
    8. Collaborate cross-functionally and prioritize user experience research questions
    9. Help the team launch and land successful products in the market through strategic product decisions to meet local expectations


    • Experience in marketing, cognitive science, psychology, economics or information science, with a solid understanding of user experience design
    • Bachelor's degree in Business Association, Marketing, Computer Science, Cognitive Science, Psychology, Information Science, or any other related field
    • Fluent in user-centered design best practices
    • Excellent communication skills and empathy for user
    • Adept at handling and analyzing both quantitative and qualitative data
    • Knowledge of industry tools: Presentation programs (Keynote, Powerpoint); UX design programs (Sketch, Adobe); analytics tracking tools (Google Analytics, etc)

Preference will be given to candidates who APPLY ONLINE.